electric scooter guide
electric scooter guide

Sure, you can buy some random eScooter at many places online and many local shops.. but do you know what you’re really buying? Electric Scooter is a massive market and new companies are popping up everyday trying to take their share of the profits without a care of quality and safety.


For this reason, I made Josh`s Electric Scooter Guide. I wanted to share with others the truly best eScooters in 2022. Below, you’ll find my favorite eScooters to buy and you can feel confident it’s of the best quality and best prices you’ll find anywhere.


Top 5 Electric Scooters 2022

This e-scooter is slick, stylish, and packing a serious punch when it comes to performance and ride quality, the Varla Eagle One is up there with the Apollo Ghost as the best entry-level performance scooter.

Flaunting an inky black body with metallic red accents, it not only looks the part but is equipped to handle the most demanding on and off-road environments with ease. 

From buttery-smooth adjustable suspension to a generously sized deck, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes that can stop at a dime, the Eagle One rivals more expensive models. It is, pound-for-pound, one of the best value electric scooters ever made. Read more…


✔️ Powerful Dual Motors

✔️ Advanced Independent Coil Suspension

✔️ Dual Hydraulic Brakes

✔️ Long Range

$50+ Off

Over $200 Free Accessories

Free Shipping

Varla Pegasus

Long Range & Solid tire City Commuter Electric Scooter. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to commute to work or school, want an easy way to get around town with your family on the weekends, or are just tired of being stuck in traffic, Varla Pegasus could be the perfect electric scooter for you.

With the power of the dual motors, the Pegasus can reach speeds up to 35 mph. This is the usual speed in most urban areas, making this usable in city streets where electric scooters are legal for city commuting. Read more…


✔️ Unique Design And Look

✔️ Dual Motor

✔️ Extra Brake Pads And Lock

✔️ Budget Friendly

$50+ Off

Over $200 Free Accessories

Free Shipping

Apollo Ghost

Taking your first step into the huge, bad world of performance scooters can be daunting and delighting simultaneously. Picking a design efficient in sending your adrenal glands into overdrive without doing the very same to your bank balance was constantly going to be a challenge or, a minimum of, it was till the Apollo Ghost moved onto the scene.

With its supernatural design and hauntingly fast velocity, this scooter provides a phantasmal set of functions designed to take your riding experience to the next level. Even better, it does it without blasting through your life savings, making it the best initial efficiency scooter. 

The Apollo Ghost belongs to the dual-motor e-scooter family. They’re synonymous with blazing speeds, beefy build quality and thrilling acceleration. It boasts two nominal-rated 52V 800W BLDC motors. It has a specified top speed of 34 MPH (54.7 KMH)

 Read more…


✔️ Very Good Value For Money

✔️ Rocket-Like Acceleration

✔️ Supports Heavy Riders

✔️ IP54 Water-Resistance Rating

$50 Off

Over $200 Free Accessories

Free Shipping


As the most affordable model in the VSETT range, the 8 offers a perfect combination of a scooter that’s as easy on the eye as it is on your budget, with the performance to match.

For the price and power on offer, you won’t get much better speed, range, and hill-climbing than what the 8 delivers. Its stack of neat features – which includes an NFC key lock immobilizer, adjustable suspension, and telescopic stem – is a bonus to its alluring, army-issue color scheme that will appeal to a wide array of riders. Read more…


✔️ Excellent Hill Climbing And Acceleration Rate For The Price

✔️ IP54 Water Resistance Rating

✔️ Telescopic Stem Makes It Ideal For Riders Of All Heights

✔️ NFC Key Lock Motor Immobiliser To Prevent Theft

Special Deals In The Store


Boasting a titanic range, lightweight frame (for the power on offer), and sitting comfortably within the top 10 fastest scooters, there’s a lot to love about the VSETT 10+R.

It negotiates a delicate balance between power and price – delivering a highly versatile and nimble scooter that improves on its younger sibling, the 9+R while packing almost as large a punch as its big bro, the 11+. But most of all (as far as high-performance scooters go) it’s affordable and most certainly a model that no confessed scooter lover can afford to miss. 

After all, reminiscent of Bumblebee from Transformers, it stands out from the crowd with a flamboyant yet effortlessly stylish robotic and geometric frame. Read more…


✔️ Powerful Dual 1400W Motors Offer Great Acceleration And Hill-Climbing Prowess

✔️ Foldable Handlebars

✔️ Triple Stem Locking Mechanism

✔️ Superb Value For Money

Special Deals In The Store

The EMOVE RoadRunner is unlike most electric scooters that you’ve seen. As a seated scooter, it’s a pedal-less hybrid somewhere between a bike and a kick scooter, resulting in a more relaxed, super chill ride compared to when you’re standing.


Some argue that seated scooters are more fun than kick scooters, and we tend to agree given that the RoadRunner is a pleasure to ride, especially at its legit top speed! In fact, it is already my favorite seated scooter that I`ve ever tested. Read more…

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Fast, Furious, & Lightweight

The Dualtron Victor is designed to be a powerful, compact, and price-friendly, high performance commuter electric scooter. This model is perfect for riders who want a powerful scooter that`s not too heavy to carry, take up too much space for storage, and doesn’t quite break the bank.


For its size and power, the Victor sits right between the Dualtron 3 and the Dualtron Thunder in the pecking order.

The Dualtron Victor is designed for the performance commuter in mind.


For anyone that`s currently riding a single motor or an underpowered dual motor electric scooter, the Dualtron Victor would be a good option to upgrade to if you want the 4KW/50 MPH drivetrain. Read more…


✔️ Very Fast!

✔️ Best In Class Range

✔️ Exceptional Braking

✔️ Really Fun To Ride

7% Off coupon code: 7OFF746

Kaabo Mantis 8

Unlike its predecessors, which had shaky and creaky stems, the Mantis 8 Pro redeemed Kaabo’s credibility with the most steady and stiff frame. However, that’s not the only function that makes this e-scooter outstanding; it likewise boasts other parts that add to a comfortable riding experience.

The Mantis 8 includes an 800 W brushless motor that delivers a peak speed of up to 28 miles per hour. The motor is powered by a 48V 18.2 AH lithium-ion battery that takes between 6-8 hours to charge while lasting as much as 30 miles on a single charge.

This supreme commute scooter likewise boasts eight-inch tubeless tires for boosted grip and smooth-rolling, full suspension for boosted stability. In addition, the Mantis 8 includes a durable stem, classy handlebars with outstandingly anchored controls, and an expansive deck for supreme trip convenience and responsive control.

Read more…


✔️ ABS Strong LED Lights + Dual 500-Watt Motor Disc Brakes

✔️Spring Suspension in the Front and Rear 

✔️ Fast

✔️ Superb Fit And Finish

Save $150 on Mantis 8 at Checkout

Best Electric Scooters 2022

Are you looking for information on how to buy the best electric scooters for 2022? Well, it is a good idea to start this process as early as possible. There are several reasons why you should be buying your scooter now.

electric scooter guide

Why To Buy Electric Scooter

The first reason is that gas prices are at an all-time high and many gas stations are facing shortages. In most cases, consumers do not like paying more for gasoline no matter how much it costs. A scooter will save you money on fuel so it makes sense to purchase one if you plan on traveling around. They have the ability to run on batteries or be plugged in to an electricity outlet.

The second reason to buy your scooter is because it is environmentally friendly. It has become very popular to use electric scooters for commuters. These devices are much easier to use when you are commuting. Therefore, you can reduce your stress level by riding a battery powered scooter. They have a smaller impact on the environment and reduce pollution at the same time.

When you want to know how to buy a scooter for the cheapest price possible, try looking online. You will be able to find a better selection online and you often get a lower price. However, there are scams on the Internet so you need to exercise caution. You should should only trust well known brands and manufacturers. In our Electric Scooter Guide You can find the most trusted and best quality Electric Scooter providers.

The best part about buying electric scooters for the cheapest price is that you get to save even more money in the long run. By riding your scooter instead of using your car, you will definitely cut down on gas expense. On top of that, you will also save on tolls, which is a money saver. You will also see how much you save money with escooter in the future when you start using it.

What To Know When Buying Electric Scooter

The features that you should look for and what things may be worth looking for when purchasing the eScooter.

You will need to know what battery life is important and how long before you will have to recharge it. Knowing how many miles per charge the battery has is also something that you should look into.

Other features that you should take a look at are the top speed, weight, performance, price and any other extras that may be included. If you are going to spend a good amount of money on a new electric scooter you want to make sure that it is going to last for a while. There are some scooters that are made for faster rides, and some for more moderate speeds. Knowing exactly what you are looking for before you go out shopping is the only way to get the best deal possible.

The top speed is important, because you will be moving fast on most of your rides. Top speed is measured in miles per hour (km/h), so you will want one that is not too far off from this number. The lighter the scooter you are riding on the better. Since electric scooters will run on battery packs, the weight must be right, especially if it is a battery powered one. Tires that are too light can cause the batteries to be drained quickly, but if you try to go too heavy it will actually hurt the battery and performance.

Performance is important if you plan to use the scooter for off-road, but if you are just commuting in city it doesn’t matter as much. You can get an electric scooter with a higher top speed, but it does mean it will run on battery longer and at a higher acceleration than a similar scooter with lower top speed. Just make sure that you know what you want before you start shopping so you will be able to get the right scooter for you.